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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 16, 2017 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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. >> announcer: live where you live this is nbc 7 news. fire danger across the bay area tonight on a day of record setting temperatures. tonight firefighters have their hand filled with this 30-acre grass fire. trevor harris shared this video with us. homes more threatened but fortunately none burned and t now contained. good evening i'm kate larson in for thomas. the heat today reached triple digits in parts of the bay today. the overnight shows as it gets dark tonight that fire danger is not going to go away. early this morning in san jose a car fire quickly spread to the brush in seattle road and it took crews more than an hour to get a fire that burned with hopes under control. no one was hurt. nbc 7 news was in san jose where nine cooling stations was set up to give people to stay. the temperature was over 100 degrees around 5:00 this evening. lots of people had ice cold drinks to stay duel cool and many people were outside and tell us they are use to it. >> i was burning up in the sun. >> walking around going into toy stores to stay out of the heat.
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>> --. >> and when it got too hot people could always duck into the nice air-conditioned stores. if you're hoping for cooler weather tonight, this is walnut creek this morning, the temperature is 77 degrees, not so cool over night with of course another warm night ahead. live outside now to the bay from our east bay camera. meteorologist drew joins us. it's been hot in san francisco but we don't know if cooling is on the way. >> that's right kate. tonight was the peak of the heat. several cities with this triple dinlt marks. 108 this afternoon. warm in san jose t t at the record high of 97 degreeses and san francisco warm with 87 degrees. current numbers out right now,
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it's comfortable around the mediate bay but you move away from the coast you can see we're well into the 80s and mid-90s around brent wood this hour. the wind is coming off the ocean water and that's going to help to cool us down over the next 48 hours. kate. >> thanks drew. new at 9:00, police in san francisco are looking for a suspect who stabbed a convenient store employee. it happened just after 7:00 tonight at mix fold and waco on market street. the suspect was trying to shoplift with the victim stepped in. the victim is going to be okay. imagine a frightening thing for the parents of a baby who was kidnaped and taken by a woman across town on a bus. police say she didn't know the family but sthat she took the baby from.
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the kidnapping happened this morning near 6th street and ended with arrest on bay shore boulevard. janene has the story. >> reporter: did you take the baby. >> no? >> why were you with the baby? why did you have a baby? is that your daughter? >> reporter: police say this 36-year-old woman saw an opportunity and took it. in this case the victim was a 6-month old baby girl. just after 8:30 this morning her parents called 911 panicked reporting she had been kidnaped. the baby had been left in her parents' car while her father was preparing a bottle. >> we wen to the scene, we had witnesses in the area that saw a woman with the small baby and the woman get on the bus. >> reporter: police contacted --
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and gave -- witnesses report the woman got off the bus and boarded another. they were finally able to track her down on a bus in bull shore boulevard in almeda in 30 minutes. riders on the bus was stunned. >> i pray for the family and i pray -- >> reporter: the baby's mother rushed to the scene. she was emotional and being consoled by officers. she was reunited with her baby and both were taken to the hospital. the suspect was taken into the custody for the kidnapping. >> parents need to watch their children. they say they're only gone for a second and in one minute that baby can be gone. >> reporter: police say the parents do not know the suspect. they are investigating. inspectors are also looking into how long the baby was left in the car. in san francisco, janene, abc 7 news. nine people recovering after a head-on crash.
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you can see on this map where it happened, along highway 4 near sand creek road. you're now looking at smaller victims on last week's accident. the chp says the suspected drunk driver was going to wrong way when it hit that van. that suspect was hurt too but he's now in jail. the air canada flight mistook a taxi way for a run way at sfo earlier this month may have overfloun other jets at a lower altitude than reported. the nt s b says flight 759 overflew a united plane on the taxi way below 100 feet. nbc 7 news has terned mts investigators in the bay area this weekend as part of their review. a monster start to money
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soon area. the search for the missing after a woa of water sweeps through everything in its path. plus a san francisco tradition, 30 years strong where a -- can help raise millions and raise awareness for a devastating disease. and how an o
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. the worst flash flooding in years, that's exactly how rescuers in arizona are describing the natural disaster. now killed at least nine people. the waging wall of water filled a popular swimming area outside phoenix and tonight their still searching for several missing people including a 13-year-old
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boy. from hollywood, that oscar winning actor died. maybe you remember him as one of stars on t.v.'s "mission impossible". he won aac for award for 1944et wood. he suffered from a short illness. back here in the bay area, a summer block party with a lot of dancing. we'll take you there and tell you how you can get in on the fun. it's been a day for sweating and finding shade to cool off. drew up next with our act cue whether forecast. >> coming up in sports, robert fedder claims -- and a's continue to start to the second half of the season by
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thousands of people walked through golden gate park yesterday to raise money with hiv and aids. it is the largest aids fund raising event in all of northern california and raises millions from local nonprofits. >> reporter: thousands pounding the pavement for the golden gate walk in san francisco. that knee sha hagans have been participating in the walk for five years now. >> my mother and father lost the fight to aids and i just think this is a great thing to do to support the cause and services -- >> reporter: since its inception
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in 1987, aids walk san francisco has raised more than 77 -- $88 million for services in the bay area. >> there's a lot more options today. >> reporter: garcia is hiv positive and walks to raise awareness about testing and treatments that allow people to live full lives with the virus. >> people are still becoming hiv positive. at two months old my -- and another reason why hyperwalking is to make sure that his generation does not have to worry about hiv. ♪ >> reporter: our very own nbc 7 ne ne news anchor ashley's very own band brought down the house tonight with push. ♪ >> always fun seeing dan up on the stage. we have all of best images of the aids walk on our website,
9:17 pm and on our mobile app. today is national ice cream day so what could possibly go wrong? you could ask the folks at the golden mcdonald's advertised anyone with its mobile app would be a cone today but there was a glitch with the app and the app was inaccessible. after a lot of backlash mcdonald's says it will honor the promotion with or without the app. now we want to share with you how some people enjoyed today's sun shine in downtown berkeley. nbc 7 news was long the avenue. block party, some people traveled to do salsa dance, others checked out vintage cars. another block party will be hosted on august 20. >> announcer: now you're
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accu-weather forecast. >> we are wrapping up a weekend that included record heat. tonight it will will mild by tomorrow we'll have a cooler afternoon on the way. live doppler 7 along with satellite join you. it's a real clear picture out there. this is coming from our camera pointed toward the north bay. great visibility tonight. what you're seeing is a coverage of that cloud cover. san francisco now 66 degrees, 68 in oakland. warmer mountain view at 71. gillway holding in the mid-80s and the bay right around 50 degrees. santa rosa today had an afternoon high of 108 degrees. 75 right now. napa 77, instead 72, fairfield 81, here's the call. over night tonight, plenty of stars out there, a nice looking
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night out there. away from the coast, we will still hold on to rather mild there, upper 50s to upper 60s getting away from the coast. tomorrow, highs in our climate starting in the south bay, today san jose, a high a record of 97 degrees. tomorrow chop about ten degrees off of that, a high of 86. more comfortable in the south. 85 in santa claire. 83 that number in sunny vil. along the peninsula tomorrow 71 in pal low alto. cooler in in the bay in the 60s. san francisco got to 78, much cooler tomorrow with 77. 65 for davy city. warm no sano may.
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87 san fl. san santa rosa much cooler around 83. 74 oakland. 73 freemont. 73 richland and inland the 90s. today we are over that century mark, 92 tomorrow in pittsburgh. 93 fairfield, 92 pleasanton and 93 livermore. a few high clouds streaming into the afternoon and sea breeze kicking about 22 miles per hour. ocean water temperature, 51 degrees. the numbers continues to fall, comfortable for most, enland the 90s. warmer spots in 80s, 60s and 70s around the bay. not as hot tomorrow, the fog returns on tuesday and that's going to cool us off around the region. by wednesday, thursday and friday, a steady season of pattern and a touch warmer over the weekend.
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no indication as hot as we were this weekend. >> still nice to cool off during the workweek. >> good for everybody. >> announcer: now sports from actions 7 news -- nbc 7 news. >> today they traded shaun doolittle and ryan manson. throwing out the first pitch this afternoon, oakland native and new raiders returning back, marshon lynch. the cleveland -- ryan heelly drived into the bases loaded. the a's scored again and jack laura take -- for the tenth homer of the isn't it was five zip. shawn got his eight win striking out eight over the eight win of work. >> it was great, we god the
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series sweep against a really really good team, you know just all did really good baseball. the offense coming around, defense is plenty as well. pitching, overall really really good. so it's just a little exciting right now. the giants play the rubber became in san diego, last night's hero for padres, hector sanchez. the former san francisco catcher had a pair of hits. the giants try to rally in the second -- can't make the grab and in comes buster posey. san diego put the game away in the third. this one to corey, the padres going to win 7-1. too many for most losses in the league with 11. it's no big deal with steph curry leads all the scoring in basketball but today he did it on the golf course at the
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american century celebrity championship. another gorgeous day at lake tahoe. his second shot nearly goes in for a rare alba troes with the day's best 28th points he jumps all the way to fourth place. i guess that now makes him a splash brother. marion motor comes away the winner, he -- on 18 tap in for birdie to finish with 73 points, nine ber than marty finish and derrick lowe. the final u.s. women is open. she takes the lead on 15 with this long birdie, par five to five under par 67 today. amateur -- for the league. on 16, the tea shot goes into the wart, she would double bogey the hole.
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on 17 there then taps in for par on 18. she winds up ten under good for a victory. third round leader finished five strokes back. a year ago wouldn't sure if fedder would win, but after taking times off for injuries, today he captured a recordism the last time he won here was in 2012. fedder turns 36 next month but still dominated. nice hustle up in that as he finds the open court. still in the first set, dr tries to be adref but fedder answers with a back hand winner. frustrated, loss the first two sets, 6-3, 6 her 1. he was playing with a painful blister on his foot. this was championship points. federer ends it with a ace, scores 6-3, 1-4. he joins -- the only player to
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win the title without losing a set. >> it'll always be my favorite tournament and my heroes walked the ground here and because of them, i think i became a better player too. >> first the 14 -- >> federer now has a record. next up u.s. open next month. >> blister -- that seems really unfun. federer won that match in an hour and four minutes. the apes take on a super the apes take on a super hero at the movies food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston.
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you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. tonight on nbc 7 news at
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11:00 we're learning more tonight about the moment leading up to the rescue of an abducted baby in sanfrancisco. a bus driver is being he would for being critical in recovering the child. we'll have a look at a new way to afford a home. play mates took down super heroes at the movies this week. war of plan of the apes -- the film hoped with $46 million at the box office. spiderman homecoming was close behind. despicable me, and baby rounded aut the top five. that's it for us tonight at 9:00. our newscast at 9:00 over an channel 7. see you then.
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- [announcer] it's the michelle meow show, your atoz covering the lgbt, lmnop and everyone in between. (sparkling music) here's michelle meow. - welcome to the michelle meow show, your a through z covering the lgbt, lmnop and everyone in between. i'm so excited to be back in studio and producing a brand new show for you tonight. i had to take a couple weeks off after pride to recuperate and sleep. i hope everyone had a wonderful pride. tonight we're going to do something a little different. we're going to play some short documentaries that i helped co-produce with local filmmaker, jethro patalinghug and josua guerci. the short documentaries reflect on local lgbtq leaders and how they feel about the resistance movement. first one out is a san francisco gay men's chorus and glen hensandro.


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